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Welcome to Chautauqua Atlantic, home of the Whole Lives Holiday Festival and Chautauqua Talks / Entertainment!  With a vision of a creative society valuing and engaging all generations, we build upon the North America's Chautauqua tradition that began 142 years ago, and Nova Scotia’s 27-year vision of the 50+expo addressing inter-generational engagement. With a combined 169-year history of solid, reputable and world-renowned programs, Chautauqua Atlantic explores and promotes the so much so good in human values and enrichment of life and strives for a society free of ageism toward our youth and adults, with people of all ages working side-by-side, creating new futures.  Growing our economy through active involvement of our youth, adults, and maturing adults matter.  We operate with social purpose and conscience to facilitate collaboration in various sectors and illuminate inter-generational engagement in the arts, recreation and sports, health and well-being, and education

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