The Chautauqua Trail

Annual Meeting

2021 Annual Meeting Schedule

Wawasee Hosts Virtual Chautauqua Trail Annual Meeting | October 7 & 8, 2021

The Chautauqua Trail Annual Meeting will be held virtually on October 7 and 8, 2021. Email Deb Lebarron at Chautauqua Institution by October 1 to register for the meeting. Participants will receive a Zoom link via email.


THURSDAY, OCTOBER 7 | 10 am – noon EDST

A representation from each Chautauqua will present on their property. PowerPoint presentations are welcome.


  • What have been/are your three most successful programs, and why?
  • What programs have flopped, and why?
  • What new programs are you trying?

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 7 | 2 – 4 pm
Announcements, additions, etc.


  • How are you attracting a younger crowd?
  • Is your primary audience residents, or visitors? A variation of this would be, β€œIs your audience primarily members/season long people, or vacationers for a week or two?
  • What are the core values you provide your members/customers?

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 8 | 10 am – noon
Announcements, additions, etc.


  • Is there value in meeting more than once a year?
  • Chautauqua Trail Rack Card: possible uses, how your chautauqua can get theirs, etc.
  • Nominations and election of Chautauqua Trail Officers.
  • Announcement of the 2022 Chautauqua Trail meeting.
  • Adjournment

Please note that all agenda items could be done in just one day, but your officers want to allow for unexpected issues. All attendees will have an opportunity to speak on every topic and to discuss further an issue during our scheduled meeting times. However, that does not mean that every attendee must speak on all topics.