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Chautauqua Trail Annual Meeting & Chautauqua Experience

"Chautauqua" is an educational and cultural movement that built communities and supported individuals in the development of their full potential spiritually, intellectually, culturally and physically. The concept began in the late 19th century and spread throughout rural North America as hundreds of Chautauqua communities were established. However, by the mid-1920s, the movement began to recede due to the rise of the automobile, radio and access to education. Only a handful of these communities survived the decline.

Today, there are several Chautauqua communities across North America, and the demand for authentic, cultural experiences and continued learning opportunities is on the rise. The Chautauqua Trail, a group of organizations and individuals committed to promoting the Chautauqua concept, is one of the driving forces behind this renaissance.

Muskoka Chautauqua Hosts 34th Chautauqua Trail Annual Meeting

The 34th Chautauqua Trail Annual Meeting will be held at Muskoka Chautauqua from October 12-15. Details about the Annual Meeting will be posted soon.

The Muskoka Chautauqua is a vibrant arts-based community where visitors come for personal growth, enrichment and renewal. It is an uplifting cultural hub that encompasses the arts, education and recreation; a place removed from the day-to-day world, where practitioners and leading thinkers of our time share innovative and creative ideas; a place where the arts blend with the natural beauty of Muskoka and where the human spirit – and all its hidden talents – may be liberated … and soar.

Each year the Chautauqua Reading Circle establishes a reading list based on a particular theme, and the season's programming is built around the books on the list. The Muskoka Chautauqua is part of the Muskoka Literary Trail, which includes literary events throughout Muskoka during the spring, summer and fall.

Join the Movement & Register for the Annual Meeting

Individuals and organizations can join the Chautauqua Trail and attend the Chautauqua Trail Annual Meeting. Your annual membership to the Chautauqua Network helps ensure the survival of one of the greatest movements in North American cultural history. The full organization membership is $100 and individual membership is $10. Join the Chautauqua Trail.

Register for the Chautauqua Network Annual Meeting today!

This event is a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow Chautauquans from across the U.S. and Canada.

Annual Meeting Schedule

2017 Muskoka
2018 Ocean Park
2019 Colorado
2020 Chautauqua Institution
2021 Chautauqua Wawasee