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Chautauqua at the Riverside was founded in 2012 as an adjunct to the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival, in an effort to put more emphasis on the rich heritage of our city.

Originally established as a fur trading post established in 1809, the plat was recorded in 1825 with its current name of Ypsilanti. At the time, Americans were embracing the Greek Revival style, identifying themselves with the Greek ideals of democracy The city’s name comes from the Greek general Demetrius Ypsilanti, a hero in the Greek War of Independence. Many homes were built at that time remain today. In fact, Ypsilanti has the second-largest contiguous historical district in the State of Michigan.

Our programs are centered around the four main Chautauqua pillars of arts, education, religion, and recreation. We offer a variety of programs and make sure to include a bit of humor along with the education.

Chautauqua at the Riverside is held at Riverside Arts Center, a repurposed and revitalized Masonic temple, overlooking the Huron River.

Chautauqua at the Riverside
P.O. Box 980551
Ypsilanti, MI 48198-0551

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